Bla bla bla on tackling tax avoidance and tax evasion

Following the financial colapse of 2007, G-7 leaders proclaimed (urbi et orbi) the need to end tax havens. «C’est fini, les paradix fiscaux», Sarkozy dixit… As a result of such a resounding and much publicized pronouncement, some attention was turned to an inter governamental organization that is supposed to have as its main objective to put a stop to terrorism finance and money laudering. It jsu so happens that the  mechanisms and legal instruments, instituted by the member countries – the most important in the world economy and, bay far, the largest users of the world «offshore» system (to facilitate legalized tax avoidance), are the same mechanisms and legal instruments (procedures, techniques, accounts, banks…) that are used to «finance terrorism» and «launder money».
O chamado Grupo de Acção Financeira (GAFI)1 é uma organização inter governamental, fundada em 1989 por iniciativa dos dirigentes do mesmíssimo G-7 e de que são membros uma série de países e grupos regionais de países.
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